We are the Romany Theatre Company (RTC). We were founded in 2002 by Dan Allum. We aim to create rich, powerful, and inspirational drama, be it for theatre, television, or radio. Our work is rooted in the culture and experiences of Romany people and focuses strongly on their struggle for equality and challenges negative opinions of them and the lives that they lead.

Great drama; inspiring education

We are not just interested in making drama; we are committed to education, too. We provide learning opportunities for Romany people by running accredited learning programmes that help to develop their communication and life skills. We hope that by fostering a sense of pride in Romany heritage we can help to break down barriers in society and allow for better understanding between communities.

What guides us

We established four values that underpin everything that we at RTC do:

  • promoting equality
  • celebrating identity and culture
  • providing education and understanding
  • inspiring through the arts.

Looking ahead

It’s our vision to see RTC established as a production company with an associated media and arts academy providing learning and development opportunities for Gypsy, Romany, Traveller people wishing to enter the media or arts professionally.