“There’s a brooding, bloody power in Dan Allum’s three-hander about Gypsy life, using music and ritual to hypnotic effect.”
Lyn Gardner – The Guardian
“…These pagan trappings – of blood and earth and sorcery carry an unnerving, visceral charge onstage.”
Matt Trueman – Timeout
“This production is not just pure theatre. There is an intelligent blend of ballet and song which, along with the Romany music, take us into the mystical world that surrounds this people.”
Wilf Arasaratnam – What’s On Stage
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Carmen - The Gypsy

UK Tour 2018

Further performances planned for Madrid, Spain 2020.

Based on the story of a 19th Century fictionalized icon, Carmen - The Gypsy is a contemporary story set among the Gypsy Traveller community. It is written by a Romany Traveller and features original Gypsy music and songs.